• Momentum driven stocks ranging from $.10 – $5.00
  • Targeted growth rates of 10 – 100% or more
  • Trades post in real-time via trader chat
  • Historical stock performance updates
  • Real-time Buy alerts
  • All for less than $2.50 a day

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How my Daily Trading System Works

Thanks for stopping by stockthoughts2.com a website built for day trader stock information.
The method to our daily madness is that we only look for momentum plays using a scanning system that we have developed. We only trade stocks between .10 – $5 with a daily goal of $1000 within a four hour morning window between 8a-12n.


Join stockthoughts2 today to start learning and earning with a great group of people.


Login each day between the hours of 8a-12n for that days picks.


View historical trade data and insight articles to help you make the best decisions.


The stockthoughts2 approach gives you the freedom to enjoy your day so you can spend more time living and less time working.

Exciting fast-paced trades

The stockthoughts2 trading style is fast in and possibly fast out. We get into a trade and watch what the market is telling us, using a 2-5 min chart and constantly watching the volume and L2 for exit points. We make no guarantees except that we will find and call out stocks we believe will give an immediate profit. We may play up to four stocks at one time. If you are new to trading, we would strongly suggest to play one stock at a time until you are familiar with the stockthoughts2 style and can adapt it to your style.

What Members are saying:

  • She has made me $2200 in 3 weeks by following her and I don't even know what I'm doing!

  • I like your style! Especially to be disciplined to trade for 2hrs in the AM. I shall learn from you.

  • Thanks a bunch for the articles! Just started learning momentum trading and learning about your thought process helps a lot!

  • One trade I made $1315 in GBSN profit thank you so much

  • I've come so far in 2 mo due to you! Seeing your daily success is so motivational.

  • You did it again! That's why I only follow you!

  • She has a crystal ball.

  • What you're doing is nothing short of amazing.

  • I wish i can be just as disciplined as you. Can you please sit next to me with a cane?

  • This is my first day going all in following you. MGT killed it! I got in/out of LC w/profit. -Ebio- PTX. I made $345. Thx!

  • Thanks for the trades! 2 for 2 following you!

  • Got in at 2.01...out at 2.16. TY ST2!!

  • Your confidence gives me confidence!

  • Even on a choppy day you still kill it!

  • Thanks for taking time to post your picks and help others with their trading. I always learn something from your insights!

  • Thanks for leading us to become an independent trader.

  • Awesome job! I was way off my game today. Terrible market, but you seem to be consistent.

  • Even on a choppy day you still kill it!

  • ST2...thank you so for responding my questions...you dont have idea how much I have learned from you so far. I am still not ready to started the trade yet, since I am looking for job that can give me some hours in the morning, meanwhile I will be reading the chats so I can learn more each day. Again thank you so much for your assistance.

  • Thanks ST2. Best subscription I've ever had!

  • I'm up $600 on the day. about $550 if you include commissions. Great First Day for Live Trading!!!!

  • First day here, first time impression. Freaking AWESOME!!! I have tried several others and I've done a lot more trading, on a lot more stocks and made a lot more money than ANY WHERE ELSE!!! This is the place to be!

    PJ Hunt
  • Thank you for all your awesomeness and kindness, best $50 that I've ever spent in my life (I'll do my best to not talk too much in the chat, yet know that I'm 100% with you).

    Pouria Tabrizi
  • I've been on 5 or 6 chats since I started trading and this is by far and away the most useful one. You, Andrew and Daniel rock.

  • Wow just over 3 months with you and my account is up over $21k after today and I only trade 2-3 days a week.  You’re amazing and DM and AT are a great add.

  • Thanks ST2 for putting together such an awesome group. My account loves you today.

    Ed W.
  • BTW, been here for a couple of weeks and plan on being here for years... thank you for this service...I will probably only a trade or two per week, but see your service as a big plus to my trading style. Thanks for taking a chance on this site!!! love it!!!

  • I would just like to thank you again for the impact you have had on my life. The 3.5 months I spent abroad earlier this year were profound and meaningful, and I largely have your trading guidance and chat room to thank for that. I just unsubscribed to your service (I really have not been able to make time at work to follow along these days - my job has become much more travel-oriented) but I just wanted to take some time to sincerely thank you for all that you have helped do for me this past year since I first subscribed. 2017 has been an amazing year in my life. May the market be forever in your favor.

    K. Russell

End of Day Results


Symbol Alert Price Exit Price Gain/Loss
SCYX $1.45 PM $1.41 PM ($0.04)
CODX $1.54 PM $1.51 PM ($0.03)
AVEO $1.11 PM $1.07 ($0.04)
LBUY $0.885 $0.869 ($0.016)
VTVT $3.02 $3.03 $0.01
SXTC $7.13 $7.72 $0.59
SCYX $1.24 $1.25 $0.01
ACIU $4.00 $4.05 $0.05
CCCL $2.06 $2.05 ($0.01)
MTSL $2.20 $2.17 ($0.03)
CLDX $0.46 $0.56 $0.10
AVP $2.12 $2.38 $0.26
AVEO $0.75 $0.78 $0.03
UEPS $3.17 $3.18 $0.01

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