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ST2, It is unbelievable to me that you exited BGI at $1.15 today after I watched it go to
$5.15 after you sold. How many of your members did you screw with that crap call?

Dear Perturbed Member,

I’m sorry you feel like I screwed my member base with me calling out a $1.15 exit
position on BGI today. First, you need to understand that I am constantly telling
my 130 membership base that it is totally up to them to set goals and exit positions
accordingly. I am always telling them not to follow me when exiting a position and
that I prefer not to call out my exits as it is a totally personal thing based on their
trading accounts and profit objectives.

The main goal of my chat service is to alert my members of potential opportunities
that have an above normal chance of turning into winning trades. My BGI call this
morning at .82 did just that and as far as I was concerned, I delivered my service
to them. The reason I got out at $1.15 is that I already had $1,900 locked up in
profits for the day and with me selling BGI at $1.15, that added another $2,013 for
a total of $3915. My daily goal each day is $1000 which I had already exceeded
by $2,915. The other reason I got out is because I knew it would be halted, which
it was right after I sold. If you’ve ever been though volatility halts, you know that
you never know what direction a stock will go after a halt. I’ve been burned many
times in thinking it would still go up when in fact it turns down. In this case, the
stock headed higher. Even my crystal ball can’t project things sometimes.

I realize I missed the big home run for my members today and wish I had stayed
in to realize a $26,000 gain. We get a big home run about once a month which
is wonderful, but I would rather teach you and my members that consistency
is way more important on a day to day basis. I would rather take $2000 a day
out of the market than try to a time a BGI which I guess had about 20 volatility
halts today. You just never know what a stock is going to do, and you will
eventually learn that you will be more successful taking singles and doubles
vs. playing the once a month home run perfectly.

If you don’t feel like the $2.50 a day investment for my services is worth it,
please let me know.