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WOW! What an experience.

As I begin my seventh week of running a chat room, I have learned so much.  I have received so many positive responses from members that are learning and understanding how my system works and are having great success. But, there are others, that don’t understand the way I trade and how to be successful in my room. This is hard work and new traders cannot come into my room or, any room, and expect to make big profits the first day, week or even month. Fact is most traders NEVER make money. It is a difficult way to make a living.

To help my new members I have listed some rules that help traders be successful trading in my room yet there are some that don’t want to pay attention to the rules and struggle to be successful and ultimately lose money.  These rules I’ve spelled out are ESSENTIAL to being successful in my room.

I offer a very niche service.  I charge $2.50 a day to alert experienced “day” traders the opportunity to catch momentum and resistance breakouts for the first two hours of each trading day.  That’s it.

This isn’t a game.  For many, it’s a full time job and one they take very seriously. As with any full time job, it requires training, education and lots of practice.  Yet I have many current members that for $50 a month, expect me to train them on how to trade. I don’t mind answering questions and helping here and there, but if you’re new to trading, my room probably isn’t for you.  There are plenty of other trading guru’s like Jason Bond that are constantly looking for new members and will sell you a course that teaches you how to trade. These are advantageous and may work for you but that kind of teaching is NOT what this room is.

Although I really do care about each and every member, I cannot operate in the business of holding hands, telling people how to profit, when to sell, how to set up your hot keys, tell you which broker is right for you, teach you how to read L2 and what a good daily chart looks like. This is NOT what I set up my room to be and it is not fair to those members who joined my room for the right reason and what the room is for: Momentum stock picks!  I am constantly discouraging members from trading on your phone from work and telling them they need the right broker platform in order to be successful.  You need to have a daily chart, a 3-5 minute chart and L2 up in real time or you are trading blind in my opinion.

Honestly, I am not trying to chase members away. I am trying to make sure you know how my room works and how to succeed in my room. This room may not be for you, and you won’t hurt my feelings if you feel my room isn’t for you and want to leave. I want all my members to be successful.  And as many Stock Twits followers keep asking, I will not offer another free trial.  It just adds a one day distraction and it isn’t fair to the members that have already paid and are there to make their daily goals.

Many think that I’m trying to grow my business and make a lot of money.  That is not the case as I am actively warning and telling people this room may not be for you…try another room. My original goal was to share my picks in real time with a good, limited core group of day traders that are serious about making money.  That goal and strategy is working perfectly for those who have the right tools and the right discipline.  I will never advertise my service and I will never try to sell you a training course.  If you take the time, you will find tons of free training material online or you can join many day trading rooms that teach more fundamentals to trading that could help you grow as a trader.

All I want to do is make my daily goal and help others do the same and go enjoy the beach, and life!.

If you feel my service will benefit you, our group would welcome you with open arms. We do have fun but we are all in this for one main reason….to make money.  But again, please understand my niche and exactly what I’m offering and that my service is not all things to all traders.

Thanks, good luck and may all your trade actions be prosperous!